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Free Online Shipping?!

Author: Liz Saldana Rojas

I have always been that girl who hates online shopping, especially for clothes. You just never know if that top or pair of jeans will fit you, right!? I would rather walk into a store and try the clothes on before purchasing them. I also hate paying for shipping! Who doesn’t? Shipping can get so expensive and it puts me off from purchasing.

Although I don’t buy clothes online, I still like to do the usual ‘online window shopping’.
I guess I can call it that. I like to browse and get inspiration from the latest fashion trends.

While I was browsing online, I discovered a trendy Swedish online store called ‘Rut & Circle’. I was looking for a nice bomber jacket that I could wear in the cold Australian weather. After surfing the website for a while I found various colours of bomber jackets that really caught my attention, as well as some silky shirts I had my eye on. I am that kind of girl who adds items to her cart but ends up not purchasing anything.

However, this time was completely different! Not only did I really love the clothes but the most amazing thing was that it was FREE SHIPPING and it only took one week for my order to arrive.

Yea I know what you are thinking…
Was the quality good for the inexpensive price I paid? I can confidently say that the items did not look cheap and felt amazing to wear.

Rut & Circle is definitely an online store I recommend to everyone who is afraid to purchase online, who wants stylish clothes and who is looking for FREE SHIPPING!

Check out the items I purchased from Ruth & Circle below (Not Sponsored)



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