The Colours Of Morocco


Author: Gabriela Saldana 

“Go, at least once a year, to a place you’ve never been before” 

Morocco has always been part of my bucket list from the moment I felt in love with this Brazilian ‘soap opera”, and knew I had to go there at some stage. So it was no surprise that I jumped on the wagon when I got the chance to travel there with a bunch of friends while living in Portugal. I still remember phoning my parents to tell them I was off to a Muslim country located in North Africa as part of my 21st celebrations hahaha!! They were not very thrilled but supported my decision, to be honest, I was not afraid and do not regret any second of it as it was one of the best experiences of my life!

So what can you expect when visiting Morocco? A country filled with desserts, an arid climate and strict regulations? You’ll be surprised that is a country that also has a rich culture and history, lovely people, amazing food and it also snows!! Crazy right!! In my own words a country filled with colours in its own unique way.

I’ll leave you with the 3 must do’s if you ever go to Morocco! Trust me you should 🙂

1. The Medinas 

If there is something Morocco is known for is its famous medinas. Medinas are enclosed quarters within a city with narrow maze-like streets, that you can literally get lost in. They are filled with tiny alleyways, market places, mosques and houses where many people live in. Is filled with bustling narrow streets and vendors of any sort, where bargaining is the key and a must to get a great deal, from cashmere to spices of sorts. You are sure to be transported to a different world, where the modern meets the past.

Two of the main medinas are located in the cities of Marrakesh and Fez. Both equally interested and different at the same time, however, if I was to choose one I prefer the medieval streets and architecture of Fez. Regardless, both cities are a must while in Morocco as they both offer similar yet distinctive unique beauties and atmosphere, each with their own story to tell. You are sure to get lost in the vibrant colours and streets of the medinas!

2. Camping in the Sahara dessert 

A one in a lifetime opportunity for me personally was to ride the camels in the Sahara Desert and spend a night at overnight camp with the Berbers of Morocco (tribal groups that live a nomadic lifestyle). Trust me nothing compares to watching the sunset and sunrise while you lie in the sand dunes, and stare into space admiring all the beauty nature can offer!!

The camel ride in itself was already a dream come true! Don’t be fooled though! While it was fun, after 30 mins it started to get uncomfortable and we still had an hour to go!! So trust me your legs will get sore but it’s worth it! As you arrived at the camp, Berbers musicians will be waiting for you to welcome you in. Be ready to dance the night away to the sound of African beats! Not only you will have a great time but you will experience a little bit of the nomadic lifestyle and interact with the locals. A truly unforgettable experience that is worth doing!

3. Drinking Moroccan mint tea

Apart from its medinas, Morocco is also famous for its mint tea. If you’re a tea lover like myself then you will definitely fall in love with its mint tea! You can say it’s one of its delicacies and part of the Moroccan lifestyle. Mainly because it symbolises hospitality and friendship, that they are welcoming you in. So don’t be surprised if you are offered mint tea when entering a shop by a merchant, it’s part of their tradition and they want to make you feel welcomed. Regardless you will definitely find many specialise cafes and restaurants that offer this traditional Moroccan delicacy, so you will sure have many opportunities to try it out!

Morocco in itself is a country full of surprises, if you ever get the chance to go I know you will fall in love with its friendly people, architecture and history to name a few. I hope this article has inspired you to expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone to go out and explore exotic cities with different cultures!!

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