How to spend 5 days in Seoul

Author: Liz Saldana Rojas

2016 was another year of adventures for me. I got the chance to travel to a country that I wanted to visit so bad!! After hosting Korean students at my house, trying the Korean BBQ which is DELICIOUS!!!! and falling in love with the cute Korean boys in the Korean Dramas, I knew I had to go one day. So I grabbed my two best friends and went on this new adventure.

Seoul is such as awesome place to visit, there are plenty of exciting attractions to discover, numerous shopping spots and delicious food!!!!

Here is a 5- day itinerary on how to make the most out in Seoul

Day 1: 

Visit Gyeongbokgung palace 

Seoul is such a contemporary city, yet at the same time the historic sites still remains within Seoul. Gyeongbokgung palace is the largest royal place. This site is worth the visit, you get to appreciate the traditional South Korean architecture and take beautiful pictures of the different rooms within the palace. Every hour between 10 am to 4pm you get to observe the royal change of guards, you can also try dress up in some traditional costumes.

Visit Seoul Tower

After spending half- a day at the palace of course you will get HUNGRY!!!! Go ahead and treat yourself with some Korean street food, it is so GOOD!!!! And so CHEAP!!!!

Visit Seoul Tower to get a beautiful view of Seoul at night time, you will also see a lot of couples wearing matching outfits taking cute pictures, and locking their love at the Seoul

tower love terrace, hoping for eternal love. There’s no need to go to Paris HAHAHA!!

Finish your day with some Korean BBQ!!! Don’t forget the soju (Korea’s most popular alcoholic beverage)

Day 2:

Shop Til You Drop at Myeondong!

Shopping in Seoul is a must do if you plan to visit Seoul. So bring separate cash just for your shopping expenses.

Seoul is the heart of cosmetics and beauty products, so if you want to be looking great and have that flawless skin like all Koreans have you better shop Til you drop!

You are going to able to find all the Korean beauty brands in Myeondong!!! I recommend you to do a little bit of search on the Korean beauty products. You must buy facial masks; Korean facial masks are the best!!! I have no regrets on buying a ton of them!!

In between your shopping spree have a break and grab a bite, there is plenty of restaurants and street food.

I recommend you to eat the 32 centimetre twist ice cream hahahaha!!! that’s what I did!!

Day 3:

Visit Bukchon Hanok Villages

This was one of my favourites places to visit in Seoul. You will see the traditional Hanok houses, where people actually live in them!! So if you are loud like me you better use your inside voice so you don’t annoy the residents living there.

After doing a lot of walking I recommend you to rest and interact with the locals!

My friends and I went to watch a movie, and got to experience the Korean cinema!!

Seoul is always alive at night time so for sure you want to go out an explore the popular places like Dongdaemun where is also known for shopping!! Or go karaoke is such a fun experience!!!

Day 4:

Lotto World

Lotto world is an indoor and outdoor amusement park.

Going to Lotto world was like being in a Korean drama and I was only needing a Korean bae to complete the scene of my first and favourite Korean drama I have watched!! You definitely want to spend a whole day there!!! Finish your day with the typical Korean fried chicken and beer.

Day 5:

Explore Itaewon

After experiencing the South Korean culture for four days you can spend your last day in Itaewon where you can enjoy the diversity nationalities and cultures.

Itaewon is known for the diversity of cultures and international cuisines. There is also great night entertainment, lots of bars, karaoke places and night clubs. My friends went to a bar where we met Americans, French and Koreans! We love interacting and meeting new people wherever we travel to. Don’t drink too much because you got a flight to catch the next day!!





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