Follow Me Around: Cairns, Australia – TIPS & TRICKS

Author: Natasha Walton 

Cairns. What a stunning piece of Australia’s natural beauty. I decided to spend 5 nights in Cairns as I needed a little time to just relax and rejuvenate. So how did I decide on Cairns? I didn’t really do a lot of research into where I wanted to go, I just knew it had to be relaxing. So, I jumped onto Groupon. After searching for what felt like hours, I finally came across this stunning resort. What caught my eye was the picture that they picked. Beautiful resort with a large pool and a view of the mountains with a clear blue sky.

Cairns airport is about a 30 minute drive from the resort. I decided to book the airport shuttle through the resort as it was only $22 per person one way. On arrival to the airport, we were greeted by the driver who was very professional and lovely to have a chat with! We began to quickly realise that people in Cairns are welcoming to tourists and love sharing information about their amazing city.

Groupon for the resort can be found here: Mango Lagoon Resort

Link to the airport shuttle website: Exemplar Shuttle

Upon arrival at the resort, we were greeted by the staff who supplied us with our room key, gave us pamphlets on some local attractions and explained how we could easily get to the beach. The resort contains 3 pools, a wellness spa and bicycle hire. The room I picked was a 1 bedroom apartment. The room included a kitchen, living area, dining table, 1 bedroom with a king sized bed, bathroom with a shower/bathtub and a washer/dryer. The apartment was very clean and there was a small bundle of pamphlets and books to read as well as a TV. Room cleaning services were only available if you stayed longer than 8 nights and there was only a limited supply of washing powder, toilet paper and soap available. Any extras would come at a small cost.

One thing to do before going to Cairns is to check what the weather will be like. I wasn’t aware that we were going during the wet season, so each day was a gamble as to whether or not we could go out or have to stay indoors. The first day we arrived was sunny and slightly cloudy. We walked down to the beach and explored a little. It then began to rain heavily at night, but every other day was lovely and warm which meant we got to enjoy the pool!

If you are on a bit of a budget and don’t want to spend crazy amounts on food, I recommend catching the bus down to Coles and stocking up. If you ask the resort reception, they can show you where the bus stop is. It is directly outside the resort which was amazing! The bus was $4.40 return to Coles which was only a small bus ride. If you are staying for roughly 5 nights, I recommend stocking up on the following:

  • Toilet paper / washing powder
  • Cereal
  • Water / milk / drinks
  • Snacks!

There are plenty of stores available along the beach if you are interested in different foods as well!

Quick summary for my top tips!

How to prepare for Cairns:

  • Check the weather
  • Plan transport ahead (airport shuttle)
  • Check what food is available around your resort
  • Check what public transport is available to get you around

My next post will be all the details on the day trips we took and which services I recommend!


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