How To Spend 5 Days in Cairns, QLD

How To Spend 5 Days in Cairns, QLD

By: Natasha Walton Let’s just get straight to it, shall we? (For the full back story, please click here to see the blog post).

DAY 1:

Explore your surroundings. Once we got to our resort, the first thing I did was unpack our bags, figure out what was in our room and then decide what we needed.

I love staying in hotels with kitchens, so having one at the resort was amazing. There are times when you just don’t want to have to dress up to go out and have breakfast, you know what I mean? (Yes, you do). Once we knew what we wanted, we sat down used our trusty friend Google to figure out what exactly was around us.

The receptionist told us the easiest way to the beach, so we decided to go for a stroll. This is a great way to see what food is available and also get ideas for activities.

Many resorts along the beach front will often advertise activities and day trips, so it is a good way to compare prices and timings. Day 1 should be about finding yourself in your new location, unless you never rest and want to get straight into it!

To see my day 1 Cairns vlog, click here. 

DAY 2: 

SKYRAIL RAINFOREST CABLEWAY & KURANDA SCENIC RAILWAY. (If you’re scared of heights, this may not be a good one…).

This was recommended to us by our shuttle driver on the way from the airport to the resort. We could see it on the drive down to Palm Cove and it looked intimidating, but I knew the view would be amazing because of how high it was. It is purely up to you as to who you book it through, but we decided to book directly through Skyrail. The reason for this is because we wanted the shuttle to pick us up from the resort and drop us back and SkyRail gave us a great price.

This is a full day activity and can be quite exhausting, so make sure you wear your comfy shoes and keep hydrated! The SkyRail began at Smithfield station, and there were 2 stops on the way to the top. There was a beautiful view of Barron Falls and the Rainforest. The SkyRail reaches Kuranda at the top. Kuranda is a stunning old town with beautiful heritage attached. There are markets, plenty of places to have lunch and the Barron River.

We decided to do a little souvenir shopping before having a tour on the Barron River. The Kuranda Riverboat went for about 45 minutes. Our tour guide was amazing! He had a lot of knowledge of the area and he was very friendly.

Once we were back from the cruise, we jumped on the Kuranda Scenic Railway. The train down the mountain gave us an insight into the history that built the area. The view was stunning and there was an educational voiceover to ensure we were all able to understand the history.

Once the day was over, the shuttle was waiting for us at the other end and we made our way back to the resort! It is a trip I will highly recommend.

To see my SkyRail vlog, click here. 

DAY 3:

Day 2 completely exhausted us, so we decided to spend the day relaxing by the pool, eating great food and taking nanna naps.

DAY 4:

Day 4 was another lazy day. We decided to go stroll down by the beach, grab a pub lunch and hit up Coles for food to stock our fridge with for dinner and the next few days. The thing with Cairns is that we went during their wet season, so we never really knew as to when it would rain or be sunshine.
We ended up hanging by the pool again (I got terribly sunburnt :(…..) and we made a mean meal for dinner. We also decided to use this day to make sure day 5 was amazing, so a lot of research and planning went into it.

DAY 5:

Green Island. We knew that we needed to go see The Great Barrier Reef, so we tried to figure out the best way to get the most out of it. We booked through Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises because the price was perfect, we got a shuttle transfer and the river cat is a lot fast than a larger boat getting to Green Island. The view was… undesirable. No image will ever live up to what the human eye can see at Green Island, or The Great Barrier Reef!

Once we reached the island, we decided to walk around and see what was available. There were a few shops and a few places to eat. Nothing too crazy as it is a small island. We had a nice lunch and then decided to go onto the glass bottom boat (included in our ticket) to see the great barrier reef. You have the choice of doing this or snorkelling, but we decided that the glass bottom boat would be better as we got to go further out into the reef and we didn’t get wet.

To see my Green Island vlog, click here.

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