Review | Essano Rosehip Moisturising Creme Cleanser

I am always on the hunt for a good cleanser that can take the day off without irritating my sensitive skin. I’ve tried everything from oils to cremes to even just water. This review will be on a creme cleanser I have been using for about a week.

Wearing foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick and brow products

I would generally do this in the shower, however for the sake of this review, I did it over the sink (which meant I got water all down my arm!). What I first like to do is wet my face to ensure the makeup is not dry and can be easily removed. I then dispense a small amount of the creme cleanser onto my hand and distribute it over the face in gentle circular motions.


To be able to fully test the cleanser and its ability to remove makeup, I decided to do half my face with my fingers and the other half with a cleansing brush. When it comes to cleansers, I find that my eyes get very irritated (I always check to make sure it is safe to use on the eyes). However, I have not had any irritation with this cleanser which is amazing!

Using my fingers allows me to really get in-between my lashes to remove mascara without pulling at my skin too much. The face cleansing brush I am using is from Models Prefer. It can be a little tough on the skin, but it definitely gets into the pores to remove all the dirt.

After removing my makeup, my skin looked basically the same on each side. I honestly could not see any residue left and my skin felt fresh. The brush head along with the cleanser did well to get right into my pores to remove the makeup and dirt.

For me, the true test is to see whether or not there is anything left on my skin by using micellar water for a final clean! Here I am using 2 different face pads and the oil Micellar Water from Garnier to test each side of my face and see if the cleanser did well.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very impressed with the cleanser. Yes, there is a little bit of residue left, but it got all of my mascara off, my lipstick and my brow products (pencil and gel). Not only did it remove the majority of my makeup, it also didn’t irritate my eyes or my skin. It feels so gentle, smooth and soothing and I thoroughly enjoy using this cleanser. Would I repurchase? 100%!

Left side (brush), right side (fingers)

As I said before, I am always on the look out to try new cleansers to remove my makeup without irritating my eyes or my combination/acne prone skin. Please do comment below or tweet me what you would recommend!

Hope this review was helpful! Any questions, please do ask and don’t forget to follow me on Insta/Twitter so we can chat 🙂

Tash xo


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