Review | Vanity Planet Moxispin

I am SO excited to finally have this product in my hands. I had been thinking about purchasing it for months but for some reason I couldn’t get myself to do it. Possibly, because I may have secretly doubted the effectiveness of the product. All over YouTube and social media, people are boasting about the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa. I just could not get myself to buy it for one simple reason, batteries.

I severely dislike buying products that require battery use because A. I’m worried about water leaking into the batteries and ruining it and B. batteries are just annoying. I will always choose a rechargeable product where possible and I am so glad they offer a product that is rechargeable! Below is my full review from using it for 5 days.

What arrived in the Moxispin package!

I was extremely impressed with how fast this product arrived! Only 4 days, what! That’s crazy! I know.. Inside the box was the Moxispin, 3 attachments plus 3 spare attachments, Moxispin stand and the USB charging cord. True to what the website says, it is travel size. It is a little smaller than my hand, however the size does not bother me.


Although the Moxispin does not come with a storage container, a bonus is the fact that the stand is also a storage compartment for your brush heads. I love this because it keeps my brushes clean and I don’t have to worry about where to store everything. I also really love the colour, such a stunning shade of baby blue.

Day 1:

One thing to note: hormones and monthly cycles can affect the product’s performance as sometimes you just can’t avoid the break outs when your hormones are all over the place! During this testing period, I was not on my monthly cycle 🙂

First day I received this, I used it in the shower. It does say it is water resistant, not water proof. So it is fine to use in the shower, just as long as you don’t submerge it in water. I used the Daily Cleansing Brush which has ‘specially designed bristles for daily use’. The bristles felt extremely gentle on the skin and the rotation speed wasn’t too fast or too slow. I used the cleansing brush with my Essano Milk Cleanser, and together I felt it did a really good job. After jumping out of the shower, I immediately noticed that it brought any acne that may have been under my skin to the surface. This showed me it did very well in cleaning beyond just the top layer of skin. The brush head was easy to pull off and clean which made the whole process quick and simple.

Brush heads that came as extras

Day 2:

My skin type is usually quite oily; however on day 2, I woke up with extremely oily skin, like… excessively oily skin. I also had a little irritation around my nose which was probably due to me holding the brush around my nose for too long. On this day, I decided to switch over to the Silicone Cleansing Brush. I can tell you right now, I am in love with the silicone brush head. It was extremely gentle on my skin, worked very well with the milk cleanser and my skin felt very smooth afterwards.

Day 3:

I woke up intending to use the brush in the morning, however the battery had died. The website recommends using it 1-2 times a week depending on your skin type, and as this is a travel size product, I understand the battery dying faster. It did take some time to charge, so I decided not to use it on this day and give my skin a little break.

Day 4:

I decided to continue using the silicone brush as my skin reacted best to it. By this day, I had noticed that my skin, specifically around my jaw had started to clear up. This was huge for me to see and I am usually always breaking out around my jaw. I also noticed a slight reduction in the blackheads around my nose. For those who know me will know that this is a huge problem area for me, so to see a slight reduction is massive.

Day 5: 

It was about time I did a PROPER clean. On this day, I used the Exfoliating Brush. It feels rough but gentle when on the skin. I would not recommend using this more than once a week. This would be a great replacement to using a facial scrub. Just like day 1, it did bring a lot of the dirt to the surface. Another thing to note is that by now, my oily skin has begun to calm down AND to my surprise, I began producing less oils. For all of this to happen within 5 days by just changing 1 element of my skin care routine is mind blowing.

Day 6:

Silicone Brush Head

I can’t stay away from the silicone brush head. It has changed my skin care game. Not only am I producing less oil and acne, but it feels like a facial massage. It definitely feels a lot more effective than just using my fingers.

Another amazing feature about the silicone brush head is that you can easily peel it off to clean inside of it to avoid any bacteria/ moisture build up!

Final Thoughts:

I have only owned this product for a week, but so far I am loving it. The silicone brush head is my go to because it feels amazing on my oily, sensitive skin and also keeps it clean. The daily brush head is good, but not great for my skin. I would use this more as a once a week brush, just like the exfoliating brush head.

Slight downside is how often it needs to be charged, but then again, it isn’t designed for daily use and made for travel, so this is understandable. Another downfall is the fact that it does not come with a travel bag. This would have been extremely helpful. I do enjoy that it comes with a stand, which also holds 2 brushes inside and it is all very easy to clean. Overall, I enjoyed this product, and I still am!


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