Removing makeup with just water?! Face Halo Review

All I had to do was watch Chloe Morello’s video on the Face Halo and I was sold. I jumped straight online to grab myself a pack and make sure it really worked just as well as it did in her video! Postage was fairly quick, it came within 4 days of ordering it. The pack of 3 is $22 USD + $5 shipping which isn’t too bad. One Face Halo is meant to last over 200 uses, so for someone that wears makeup often, this is a HUGE saving.


Inside the package, you receive 3 Face Halos, so it’s great to either have all 3 for travel or to keep in your bag, or buy a pack and share amongst family and friends and share the cost among the 3 of you to make a saving!


As per the instructions, I put it under the tap with warm water running. Honestly, I was shocked at the result. I didn’t really doubt it, but just doing it myself was surprising. It took off my foundation, mascara and even my eyebrow gel. I could not believe it! To this day I still can not believe that I am now taking off my makeup with JUST WATER. Crazy, I know… But it is one of those things you have to try for yourself to really believe it.

I always try to be as gentle as I can around my eyelashes when removing mascara – honestly, with how easy it came off, you’d thing that the fibres were melting away your makeup. I hardly scrubbed my skin and EVERYTHING came off.DSCN1146

I found using the Face Halo also a lot less messy. Since purchasing it and trying it out, I use it in the shower now.

To clean it, I just use my face cleaners and within seconds it is white again. Once a week I chuck it into the washing machine for a proper clean and then it is good to go again! I no longer have to use makeup wipes.


After washing my face with the Face Halo and just water, I decided to do my Micellar Water test. Honestly, the pad is clean. I am still shocked about the whole process.

Final Thoughts:

One thing I will say is that I don’t wear very heavy makeup. This was not tested while wearing full glam. I have tested this using a light foundation, a BB cream and powder foundation. Every single time it has completely removed my makeup. Based on my own experience, I would completely recommend this product. Not only will I make savings on face wipes and unnecessary makeup removing products, it also helps the environment by avoiding waste. Another positive tip is that you only need water. This is great news for people with sensitive skin.

Handy Tip: Chloe did mention that if you wear waterproof mascara or hard to remove makeup, just put a little oil on then go over with the Face Halo to remove it.


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