Gold Primer – Does it work on oily skin?

I am a huge lover of Australis products, so naturally when the Australis Midas Touch Serum Primer came out, I just had to try it!

Price AUD: $19.95


Prep and prime skin with our Midas Touch Serum Primer that contains flecks of gold and a splash of honey to hydrate skin giving it a gorgeous glow! Vitamin E, Honey and Gardenia Flora Extract help to soothe and brighten your skin tone!

Australis Midas Touch Serum Primer

I put a few drops onto my clear palette, and as you can see in the photo, there is tiny specks of gold within it. The actual primer itself is clear.

I applied it to my skin with a synthetic brush to stop it soaking into my fingers, and it felt quite moisturising. I did however have to use more product because it soaked into my skin faster than I could spread it!

In order to properly test out the primer, I used a powder foundation (Eco Minerals) on the right side of my face, and a liquid foundation (Loreal Infallible, Matte) on the left side. Below is all the products I applied to my face for the full day of wear.


I only used the Rimmel Stay Matte powder to set my under eyes as they crease horrendously and I wanted to test whether or not the primer would last with just foundation.

Final thoughts:

I spent the day editing videos, went to the shops and lounged around the house. The foundation had completely come off my chin and sides of my face. I was also quite oily on my forehead. The foundation had also come off my nose which is generally quite normal considering I am usually very oily there.

From overall wear, I would not recommend this primer for an oily skin type. It did not do well against my natural oils and did not hold my makeup in place. I do think it would be a great serum though as it has honey, vitamin E and oils in it.


3 thoughts on “Gold Primer – Does it work on oily skin?

  1. I have oily skin too and I was so interested to try a gold primer, good to know thta they do not work with my skin type, my favourite foundation is that l’oreal one and that lasts beautifully on my skin. Thank you for the review, maybe we both need to look somewhere else πŸ˜‰ Would you mind check out my page, maybe we can follow each other and be internet friends, it’d mean the world to me πŸ˜€
    Love, Mimi

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