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Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!

First off I’d like to sincerely apologise for my lack of posting in the last few weeks – no beating around the bush, I basically lost motivation. But this is all about to change… Got heaps of stuff planned in the pipeline for 2018 – I am making a comeback!

I am writing this blog post at 10:50pm as I sit in my bed, in my pyjamas whilst wearing a Skin Physics Deep Hydration face mask. Is this how I thought I’d spend new years eve for 2017? No… Am I mad I spent it like this? Not at all. My lovely partner took me out for dinner to this AMAZING Persian restaurant in Parramatta called Honey Restaurant. It was both our first time trying Persian food so we didn’t really know what to expect. I can honestly say, it blew our minds. We will 100% be going back – and highly recommend going.

For me, 2017 was as the ever wise Kylie Jenner once said “the year of just realising stuff”. I know… deep. This year started off with some travelling as my partner and I went up to Queensland to spend some time in Cairns. It was there that I learnt I had been offered my first ever full time job – woo! It was also there that I called my at the time boss to say I was leaving… I didn’t hate my job, if anything, I loved it. I loved my team & the work itself kept me busy. I left because I was coming to the end of my degree and felt it was time to enter the full time ‘corporate’ world. I went from selling furniture into a public relations agency, and boy was it a change.

I feel like the job at the PR agency really taught me a lot about myself. #1 – I’m better with words than I am talking to journalists… #2 – City life isn’t for me, or maybe it will be one day, but for now, I am just your simple suburban girl who doesn’t give a rats arse about designer clothing, expensive shoes & classy restaurants where I wouldn’t understand what was on the menu. And last but not least, I get sick of people’s sh*t really damn fast.

Few months went past & I left that job. That was by far one of the hardest decisions I have ever made for many reasons. To begin with, I got that job before even graduating university – not a lot of students have that opportunity, but I did… somehow. I adored & still do adore my boss. He was literally the only reason I stayed for as long as I did. Last but not least, I felt that I was disappointing my family. Before I made the big decision, I spoke to my dad. One thing to know about my dad is that he doesn’t talk much about feelings, so this was a big thing for both of us. One day at the dinner table, I just let it all out, and honestly, he listened to every word I said & gave me the best advice he could. He basically told me that if I wasn’t happy anymore, & the whole family could tell I wasn’t happy, then just leave. So that’s what I did.

I quit my job just before my partner and I jetted off to Bali for a little vacation. When we came back, I decided to knuckle down & try find a job that I felt happy about. This process was the longest 2 months of my life. I received rejection email after email. I had at least 5 interviews and none of them came back to me, which I found quite rude. If you’re going to invite someone into your place of business for an interview, at least give them the curtesy by emailing them to say they didn’t proceed… At one job interview, the lady looked at my agency background & told me that I was ‘too qualified’ for the position.  At another interview, my PR background was considered a negative, as they wanted someone who had done more work with numbers. Mind you, I was applying for entry level marketing positions. I graduated with a degree in advertising & public relations & I worked in an agency for 6 months, yet no one would hire me. I was quickly losing motivation & trust within my abilities. This was the longest I had ever gone without a job since I was 13.

One day, my partner sent me a link to a job description he thought I may be interested in – at this point, I was looking at getting back into retail, just so I at least had an income. I applied anyways. Two weeks later – I was employed! I can honestly say, since starting my new role within eCommerce, there has not been a day where I have woken up and not wanted to go into work. Always remember, you spend a large chunk of your life at your job, don’t waste that time in a job you don’t enjoy.

2017 – we’ve had some ups & downs, but I am ok with that, because I have learnt so much more about myself, who I am and where I want to be. Tomorrow is another year, but it is also another day. Another day, another dollar..




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