Today I am reviewing the KARADOS Sheet Face Masks that I picked up whilst on our trip in Bali. I won’t link it to any website to purchase because I could not find a site that I had previously used & trusted to link back to.

I purchased these in a pharmacy in Bali for roughly $2 AUD each, so I picked up about 5 of each. I purchased the Snail, Horse Oil & Bird’s Nest masks.


I found these masks to be extremely interesting as you don’t really find products like these in Australia – so that’s why I thought I’d give them a shot!

I have used 5 of each mask over a 5 month period & they were placed on at night time after my shower.

Below are the backs of each mask so that you can see the ingredients & I’ll link a few articles about the stand out product in each mask below:


Final Thoughts

Snail Mask: This was by far my favourite mask to use. At first I was a little grossed out by the thought of putting snail slime on my face, however my skin felt extremely smooth & it helped with the redness of my acne. Out of the 3, I would repurchase this one again.

Bird’s Nest Mark: I did enjoy this sheet mask, I would generally wear them until they were completely dry which was roughly 25 minutes. I didn’t notice anything amazing happen to my skin, however it felt extremely moisturised and soft that night & the next morning. Would I recommend it? I definitely would if your skin is feeling dry & needs a little boost of hydration.

Horse Oil Mask: I did not notice a huge difference in my skin when wearing this one. Yes my skin felt soft, hydrated & the price point is amazing, however I just didn’t notice enough of a difference to warrant buying it again. From research I have done online, they recommend horse oil or horse fat for people with dry skin, and since I have oily skin, this may have affected the results.


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